grace notes on unpitched percussion

Here’s a little anomaly on how grace notes work on unpitched percussion. I realize percussion is still being worked, but enough works that I thought it useful to point this out in case it is something that needs some attention.

Attached is a score with a snare drum and two sets of grace notes. If you look at the play mode, you’ll see that the first set of grace notes are pitched at the same pitch as the normal note. The second set of grace notes are pitched one whole tone apart. The first does not playback as expected. Only one of the grace notes sounds. The second sounds as expected.

So is this the way this is intended to work?

Edit: Turns out this issue presents the same way for any instrument.

snare grace (267 KB)

Repeated grace notes of the same pitch don’t play back properly at the moment. If memory serves this has already been fixed for the forthcoming minor update.

OK, thanks.