Grace notes that belong to different notes are grouped incorrectly

I also have a similar problem. Some grace notes that belong to different notes … they are displayed all grouped … in the key editor everything is correct … how can you fix it?

May we have a screenshot?

This grace note shouldn’t be here!
It is also displayed in the other staves.

I’ve tried these tips too but they don’t solve the problem.

:thinking: Where is that “Mi4” in your score?

Is the following what you would like to get in the score?

Exactly! … It all works in other measures / beats here, but at this point on the sheet it doesn’t work!

Ok, old bug. I will report it again.

Description (take an aspirin before reading):

Two consecutive notes on the same staff.
The first one being on the last bar of a page, and the second one on the first beat of the following page.
Each of these notes preceded by their grace notes.

Result: the last grace note of the first note will be graphically added to the grace notes of the note on the first beat of the first bar on the following page, on the same staff.

:pensive:… I’m going crazy