Grace notes

Is there any way to make unslashed grace notes the default?

When you invoke grace notes (on my keyboard, I press “:“) you can choose directly if you want slashed grace notes or normal grace notes. Look at the icon in the left panel, if it is slashed and you want the other one, just add alt to the keystroke (alt-: on my keyboard) and that’s it. And Dorico will not change that for the current project until I change it.
Hope it helps !

That doesn’t work for me. According to keyboard commands, other characters are responsible:
“-“ for make grace note,
ALT and “-“ for slashed/no slashed grace note.

Dear Piano-EK,

I do not understand your contribution. Are saying that you cannot access grace note writing with the shortcuts corresponding to your language (i.e -) or that your shortcuts are not the same as mine (which, unless you are French, is quite reasonable)?

Misunderstanding. For me, it works, as it is described in help (with “-“). See Attachment.
You write but, to do it with “:”, that’s wrong
You wrote: “When you invoke grace notes (on my keyboard, I press “:“)…just add alt to the keystroke (alt-: on my keyboard)…”.
I have to admit, the notation ALT with anything is confusing.