Grace notes

I am very happy that the long time waiting for Dorico is over! It is very fine to work with the software.

I am especially thankful that the function to insert grace notes is already on board - I need it almost every day.
One little Problem occurs, when I try to slide the grace notes »before« the barline and the bar consists only of a whole rest: as soon as the grace notes have landed in the bar before, only the beams remain, noteheads and and stem have dissapeared … :astonished:
Since I very often use the grace note function for grace notes behind the main note (especially trill endings), it would be very comfortable to have an extra function for these cases!
For now I am trying to find a workaround for the case I described before. In Sibelius you can put the grace notes into a second voice, format them »little« and stem »upward« and put the rests of the second voice »invisible«. Alas that doesnt yet work in Dorico …
Can you tell me another workaround for my problem?

Greetings from Germany
Margret Studt

If you’re working with Windows, select a grace note and type Ctrl+8

You’ll find all sorts of possibilities there.

I’m not sure what the Mac equivalent is.

Thanks for your answer, but, sorry, that doesn’t work.

With Ctrl+8/Strg+8 the property panel is shown - this I have opened anyway. There I found the possibility to move the grace notes befor the barline - with the effect I described in my first letter.
Maybe the problem is, that there are two grace notes. With a single grace note all works well, even if there is a whole rest in the bar.

Hello Margret,

I can reproduce this problem, so we shall take a look. Many thanks for the report.

Best wishes,

I notice the problem only occurs when the grace notes are leading into a multi-bar rest. If multi-bar rests are switched off (Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests > Show multi-bar rests), then the problem does not occur.

I think the only workaround I can suggest at the moment is to turn off multi-bar rests, which I appreciate may not be ideal; however I have logged the bug on our system and we shall fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for the quick help!
It works fine.
I look forward patiently to using grace notes and multi-bar rests in one score!

I just succeeded in moving the grace notes (2 sixteenths) before the barline, thanks!

I think the nuances of what we can achieve are always in the last place you didn’t look at yet.

One observation… When setting grace notes to move ahead of the barline, typically as a trill ending … this affects all gracenotes in all instruments, even if not so marked… is this a bug or intended somehow…?

It is intended, because grace notes at the same rhythmic position are spaced against each other. We know that under some circumstances it would be useful for them to be independent from instrument to instrument, and we’re thinking about how we might achieve that at some point.

I think the best way is to have a “show grace notes” property on trills, and perhaps a 2nd property for the duration (although 16ths seems near-universal).

While you’re at it, maybe add support for “inverted trills”, or let us specify a negative interval.