Grace Period - Can't get it

Hi there, I’m Giacomo from Italy!!!

I’ve activated my license of Cubase 6.5 Edu on 30.10.2012 (as MySteinberg tell me on the MySteinberg home) but I can’t get my free grace period update.

I also wrote to the Steinberg support - I’m waiting for a 2nd answer…

I followed the instructions on the Steinberg site about how to get that free grace period update (by clicking Maintenance on eLicenser ControlCenter, etc. etc.) but my license still remains to Cubase 6.5 and no grace period site open.

Then I tried to write my USB eLicenser number in the page “Grace Period” under “Support” section of the site. It tell me that there’s no grace period available for me.

I think that maybe there’s a problem on my account. As I wrote in the beginnning of this post, my license was activated on 30.10.2012 (MySteinberg confirm that in its home page).

Some suggests?
Thanks so much

Just a wild quess: Maybe EDU version doesn’t have a grace period. It it had, it would be too good to be true: full 7 (non-EDU) for a price of 6.5 EDU.

No guessing necessary, simply read the grace period conditions… EDU is eligible.

In fact…EDU is eligible