Grace period Cubase Pro 10

I have recently activated Cubase 10 Pro and am I eligible for the grace period?

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If this was the very 1st activation of the given license, then yes, you are eligible for the Grace Period.

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So why haven’t I seen the download access code as the company said?


Did you trigger the Maintenance in the eLCC or the Grace Period verification in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

I did it


And what was the result (in both applications), please?

The result is like this

It doesn’t show anything like the picture above


After the Maintenance in the eLCC, can you still see the Cubase Pro 10 license, or can you see the Cubase Pro 11 already?

I still see Cubase 10 Pro

Is your USB-eLicenser registered with Steinberg, i.e. do you also see your C10pro license in your MySteinberg account?


Are you sure, it was the very 1st activation of the given licence?

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My license is in my account

I’m sure my license is activated the first time


In that case, get in contact with your local Steinberg support, please.

Please, blur the USB-eLicenser Number and the Soft-eLicenser Number at your screenshot.

As Martin says, get in touch with Steinberg Support.

However, it is important to note that grace period entitlement runs from when a Download Access Code or Activation Code was redeemed for a licence, not when the licence was first used. If you redeemed a Cubase Pro 10 code recently, then I would have expected it to activate as Cubase Pro 13 (or, if it was an Activation Code, Cubase Pro 11 with a grace period eligibility that would have given you free Cubase Pro 13 licence).

If the Code was redeemed whilst Cubase Pro 10 was the current version but the licence was never used then you are not entitled to a grace period update.

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