grace period first timer

I have Halion sonic 2 and I’m thinking about updating to Halion 5 now.
will I be eligible for Halion 6 when it’s out?
Sorry if it’s been asked before but I’m new to grace periods and I’m not sure if Halion Sonic and Halion are treated as a same product update or as a crossgrade.
Just to be sure that SB gives grace periods on crossgrades too.


if you have activated your HALion Sonic 2 after December 29, 2016, your HALion Sonic 2 license will become a HALion Sonic 3 license. In that case you can upgrade from HS3 to H6. If not, you need to go for the HS2 > H6 upgrade.

Just to make sure I’m getting this right: I have a licence of HS2 which I activated 2 years ago; you are saying that if I upgrade today to H5 (which is indeed a new/different licence), my new and not yet activated H5 licence would not be eligible for the free upgrade to H6? In other terms, you are considering only considering the old HS2 activation date…
It doesn’t sound quite right since we are dealing with different licences…

No, if you upgrade today to from HALion Sonic 2 to HALion 5 and activate your HALion 5 license, your HALion 5 license will be eligible for the free grace period update to HALion 6.

If you decide to update after the release of HALion 6, you will have to pay double the price to update from HS2 to H6 compared to HS2 to H5.


I have bought Halion 5 on 7/2/2017; just as you said to be eligible for the Halion 6 update;
But when I type my number of the USB e-licenser it says that I am not eligible…
Can you tell me how to get the Halion 6 update? with the grace period?

Did you do maintenance in the eLCC?

Maitenance helped with this problem. For me. But now I have only Halion 6 licence and there is no Halion 5 so is this mean that I can’t use H5 anymore?

I do not complain…just asking :slight_smile:

You should be able to use H5 with a H6 license but once you install H6 I think it will replace H5 with H6 on your system.

Thank you! will see whats happen. I have a few days of Halion 5 trial licence in case something goes wrong.