Grace period for purchase of Nuendo 6.5 to get Nuendo 7 free

Hi guys – I’m trying to phase out PT HD from my studio (almost on the verge of dumping PT HD flat out since the disastrous PT 12 announcement) and I would love to know when the grace period begins so I can potentially migrate to Nuendo. However, I don’t want to buy Nuendo 6.5 and have to pay an upgrade fee when Nuendo 7 comes out, since it seems the announcement is imminent.

So, Steinberg, care to make the grace period dates public yet?

Off topic, sorry, …
but what is the disastrous PT 12 announcement?
I am used to quite something coming from AVID, but maybe we learn anything new and amusing …

Big K

The only new feature is the splash screen.
They just called it 12. most ridiculous roll out ever.

Yeah, it’s bugfixes for PT11 labeled as PT12 for $$$.

If Steinberg tried that, there would be a mob at their gates with pitchforks and axes! I can only imagine the scene in PT-land these days. Seems pretty ugly from a distance. Add in “A Big Paycheck Increase for EVERYONE!!!” playing out over at the AVID HQ and…just, wow. Does make you a little more thankful for SB if you think about it.

To the OP, typically, it’s around 3 months for Grace Period. But the real trick is trying to nail down the release date to be able to backtime from there. It’s kind of a crap shoot. On the other hand, the upgrade fee on a .5 upgrade is pretty minimal.

Thanks guys, yeah, you nailed it on the PT 12 release… the most tragic case of DAW vaporware I have ever seen. And honestly, I’m just sick and tired of Avid. Not to get too OT, but this was the last straw for me in a downward spiral of insanity over there. I don’t like being taken advantage of either… and their new pricing scheme is offensive. If they at least delivered on most of what they promised, I wouldn’t be thinking of dumping PT so seriously, but when their banner features are not even being released with PT 12, but then to have the cajones to ask for money – in a subscription model no less – is beyond me.

And my work is getting to the point where I can migrate more of it to Steinberg… so why not take the plunge if I can? Minimally, there is NO WAY I’m sending more money to Avid right now. Cubase 8 Pro has been excellent (just finished a sound design job with it over PT), and I’m thinking a dedicated rig with Nuendo 7 might be perfect.

Anyway, I definitely want to wait until I’m in the grace period, though. Unless Avid somehow gives us a miracle (as in, the CEO resigns, the new CEO apologizes, reverses the idiotic trend, or the full feature set is released as promised) then I really want to see if I can move forward with Steinberg taking more of the weight of the work here. Cubase has been my go-to music composition platform, and hopefully soon I can make Nuendo the post production platform.

Lol … …vaporware … I like that!
It was always much ado with them. Its been always that way, even when PT was still called sound tools.

Maybe you can lease a license from a shop for the time being till SB releases grace period info.
If you buy it anyway… Can’t hurt to ask at your fav music shop.
There you have the advantage when buying not only through the internet.

Big K ( already wearing his fav fluffy Easter bunny costum…)

FYI, two weeks ago Yamaha Australia confirmed to me in writing that a Nuendo 6.5 purchase will be eligible for the grace period update to Nuendo 7. I went ahead and bought 6.5.

Yamaha UK confirmed in an email to me that the Grace Period “started around April 23rd”.