Grace period for update from Cubase 9.5 to 11

Hello producers!

Just some days ago I bought a license for Cubase 9.5 from one of my friends who has been using Studio One for years now.
I obviously want to use the latest version of Cubase (which is 11 as of now). Is there anyway (like through Grace period or something like that) to get the update to Cubase 11 for free?

I already have paid $300 for the software and now I don’t have the budget to pay additional $159 for the update.

I haven’t reactivated the license though. So does reactivating Cubase before the launch of next version allow me to for a free update?
If that’s the case, by any chance, I can wait and not use Cubase 9.5 at the moment and just use my current DAW (Ableton Live). If I can get a free update to Cubase 11 based on when I reactivate it.

Only the INITIAL activation qualifies for Grace Period Updates.

No…of course not