Grace Period if I buy 10.5 upgrade now

I am a Cubase 9 Pro owner and want to go to 10.5 pro.

I see the $199 price is likely not getting a promo anytime soon, so as much as I would love to save some money I don’t think Steinberg will drop the price below $199 for those of use on 9 Pro currently anytime soon.

If I bought the 10.5 upgrade for $199 within the next few days, how long is the GRACE PERIOD to be eligible for Cubase 11 or to possibly get a shop credit back IF the price drops between when I buy it and the next promo or next release?

90 days? 120 days? Just want to time the purchase correctly as I will be quite miffed if Steinberg announces a Cubase 11 grace period and I end up missing the window by 5 days or something.


Hi, the grace period is usually a month, more or less. The problem is that you can’t know when Cubase 11 will be released. In the latest years Steinberg released new versions of Cubase once a year, around October/November, but who knows…

You dont wanna buy the upgrade, you wanna buy the UPDATE.
You can buy it now if you like or wait till Steinberg announce their discounts on updates. If you then buy and activate it now, you wont be eligible for Cubase 11 nor will you get any credit back.
However if you buy now and NOT activating the code until Cubase 11 is released, then you will get the new version.

So wait until October or November for version 11? I have 9 pro now and want to get into 10.5. This is considered UPGRADE not UPDATE, right?

In Steinberg terms an upDATE is going from a lower to higher version of the same level (Pro 9 -> Pro 10.5, for example). An upGRADE is going from a lower level to higher (Elements or Artist -> Pro).

Nobody knows when the next version will be released or what the grace period terms will be. The only thing you can really do is purchase now and wait until the next version is released to activate.

The terms “update and upgrade” makes sense.
You update to a newer version and you upgrade to a more feature rich version.