Grace Period is too short...

I only activated 10.5 in October but appear to miss out on the free upgrade for the sake of 7 days. Very disappointing when you consider I wasted almost a week trying to get the software to work the way it had in ver. 10.
After 20+ years of loyalty to the brand, one would have thought there would have been a warning to hold off purchase of 10.5 as 11 was due out. Feel let down.

What is the official grace period policy? The website section for that will not load… I bought 10.5 pro very recently myself!!

October 14th according to announcement thread

The whole grace period model disenfranchises loyal customers altogether. Early adopters deal with bugs & report problems on forums. They work through updates & fixes & pay full price with both their time & money. Late purchasers get their cake & eat it. They buy the same product at a discount cost that’s free from bugs which early adopters had to engage & report. & to top it off they get the new update free!! Why would a company reward people who are late to the game & not the loyal customers who put more into making the product a better experience? With the license server going down today it all has all just sent me over the edge of frustration & anger!!!

Cubase 7.0 5th December 2012
Cubase 7.5 4th December 2013
Cubase 8.0 3rd December 2014
Cubase 8.5 2nd December 2015
Cubase 9.0 7th December 2016
Cubase 9.5 15th November 2017
Cubase 10.0 15th November 2018
Cubase 10.5 13th November 2019
Cubase 11.0 11th November 2020

The pattern is there. Sorry to be blunt, but if you have 20+ years of loyalty I’m not sure why you would not be aware of the regular main releases being around this time of year almost to the day? The grace period needs to be somewhere. If they lengthen it then there will still be people outside of that who will feel it is unfair.

If you talk to them privately they might be able to help you out. Worth a try.

My interest is in producing music, not following software release dates