Grace Period Issue!

Ran maintenance as per instructions but my license isn’t upgraded to C7 from C6.5. Can’t go further. :imp:

Neither is mine mate. Just wait it out, i’m pretty sure it will roll-over soon enough.

Cubase 7 is still not available but it will be soon.

Still can’t upgrade the license. :imp:

Steinberg should have done all the site maintenance yesterday, not the day of the release.

Can we get a definate time so we don’t have to keep wasting ours or are you going to quiz us off all day?

Doesn’t Steinberg’s practices just make you shake your head and ask how you got looped into their web again after everything they’ve pulled over the years? :unamused:

“The Grace Period Update for Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 will be available later today”
:open_mouth: :confused: :cry:

Yep, and I just read that buyers of the full version are downloading as we speak. Steinberg couldn’t close an umbrella with a full set of instructions. All the prep should have been done days ago for a smooth rollout. Par for the course with them. :unamused:

GP Update will be available in about 30 minutes!


Cubase 7 is available for a couple of minutes. The grace period will follow soon… :question:

Like I said, thanks Ed. Point is, everything should have been available at opening of business at the latest. All of the prep should have been done long ago. Here it is almost close of business and it’s still not ready.

We can live without C7 for a moment! Let’s take a coffe time! Be calm…relaxed! :smiley:

Just wondering, I am running the eLc maintenance and no errors (but also no license upgrade) so my question is…

Is performing a successful maintenance in relation to the grace period update contingent on having “check out” in the grace period entitlement page?


who do you think prepares a huge site update in his spare time, just so that you can download it in your working time?

Who do you think you are?

The C7 launch was spot on professional done, starting with the announcement, up to the announced launch date and meanwhile with support and questions answered and known issues announced before launch.

Kids, really, calm down, you haven’t had C7 yesterday, and it is available today on its announced launch date.

Somey kids never are satisfied, no matter how professional you do your work.


patience is not a strong suit for cubase users


Thanks! :slight_smile:


another cup of coffee then…

I opened my e-licenser, clicked ‘edit’, copied my serial number, entered it into the relevant field on the Grace Period page and… “no grace period update available for this serial number”, etc.

Then I performed Maintenance on the e-licenser and my licence was upgraded remotely to Cubase 7. Good news!

Then I again copied the serial number as above, entered it onto the Grace Period page and… “no grace period update available for this serial number”, etc.

Then, I went to My Steinberg and viewed the e-licenser details. I copied and pasted the serial number from there instead and… I was directed to the Grace Period download page. Success! I am 71% and can’t wait to see the new Cubase.

Obviously I did something wrong but thought I would share in case my stupidity helps anyone out!

It doesn’t work on serial number but rather USB eLicenser, which is a two part number (the second part may also have a letter).

Told you it was my stupidity, although I have to say it wasn’t immediately obvious!

I’m hoping that Steinberg comes through for me…I registered 6.5 27 minutes before the 25th! Just my flippin luck.
Support ticket in…fingers crossed.