Grace period lengths history

Hi all,

Does anyone have information on the lengths of grace periods over the years ?

For example back in 2011 it was up to 4 months :

And thats pretty much how i remembered it. I understand now it is 4 weeks.

I am looking specifically for the period of : 29/08/2014, up until Cubase 8 release on 03/12/2014. (a period of 3 months and a few days.)

I purchased Cubase 7.5 new with ‘free update’ and activated it on 29/08/2014, and i can remember getting the update to Cubase 8, and it was still installed on my old laptop. However, returning after all these years and checking ‘My Steinberg’, i’ve just seen now that my license is for 7.5 Or at least it says ‘products on this license : 7.5’. Should this say Cubase 8 ? I created a support request approx 7 days ago now, and still no response. Im not sure what is going on. Any help would be most appreiciated thank you.

The license which is stored on your USB-eLicenser reads as what when you launch the eLCC app?

According to this announcement, the cutoff date was October 15, 2014.

HI Scab, thanks for replying.

The eLCC app says 7.5, but the eLCC was updated/maintenance via internet before i looked, and before i knew about this situation.

Thanks for finding that cutoff announcement ! Thats a skillful find ! That would answer that question !

Only thing now is, the 7.5 box/disc i purchased came with a ‘free update’ and nothing to say it will expire. So the disc is 7.5, sold as ‘7.5 with free update’, and ‘free update’ is affixed to the Cubase box underneath the plastic wrapping. At the time i assumed this was related to the upcoming Cubase 8. I cannot remember what has happened here, but i have seen i had Cubase 8 installed on the old latop, and im pretty sure i was using it back then.
I was thinking maybe i didnt register that i have taken the update or something, and the license has fallen back to 7.5. But doesnt look like it works that way. Gonna have to wait and see.

Appreciate your time there Scab, many thanks