GRACE Period not 16th of October?????

So i have to ask…
A friend of mine did bought and activated his Cubase 10 licence on October 16th.
He checked for grace period eligibility here and he got the message:
Currently there is no grace period update available for the eLicenser with the number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Why did this happen???

Thank you in advance for any answers…GOOD DAY!!!

You friend should contact support, nobody else on the forum can see the activation date in the eLicenser server and reply this question based on facts.

Thank you Fabio i will tell him.
The funny thing is that he didn’t knew about the grace period and when he found out that he is exactly on the date (by Luck) he was happy.

Usually GP is also set to accommodate all time zones, so if it was on the 16th, it will work wherever you are located.
There are few cases where GP might fail (e.g. if you move the license to another dongle after activation, but before the license update actually occurs) - support will know and act accordingly :slight_smile:

Thank you Fabio. I told my friend and he came in contact with the shop where he bought it. They said they gonna fix it.
Thank you for your time. Really appreciate it.