Grace period problems

I bought Cubase 10.5 a couple of days ago and since I wasn’t home during the week, I couldn’t activate it. 2 days ago I returned and whenever I tried activating the license I got this error message-
Obviously, my internet is working and I could not enter the license, only to figure out today that the new version is out.
I can’t find the email to open a ticket (Steinbergs horrible customer service experience at its best, bouncing me between pages without any useful forms) and the phone time is limited to 2 hours a day… anyone has a solution for this matter?

I think as soon as the elicenser connection works again, you’ll be fine. grace period is also valid if you haven’t activated 10.5 yet. At least I hope so, because I’m trying to do the same (bought the license in june during sale, trying to activate now).
Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong.


Here is the official statement.

Activating the 10.5 license changes it directly into 11.0 - ofcourse, as soon as the eLicenser server works. I just got though.