Grace period questions

I have a question. I previously had SL 8 Pro. And when current sale started I bought upgrade to SL10 Pro on May 15th. Am I entitled for grace period for SL11 Pro?

I read in another forum post that the grace period started on may 15th, along with the 40% sale

Keep in mind that the grace period will not be shown as long as the product itself is not released and that will be on June 12th, according to the announcment mail.

I’m wondering the same thing, can anyone confirm whether or not if purchasing updates from previous versions qualify for the grace period eligibility ?

Steinberg can, but this is a user forum. So you won’t get a definite answer here.

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I’m hoping that someone who has experience with purchasing an update for a product during a grace period can provide a answer here.

It is not the date when you purchase it, it is the date when you register and activate it. See here

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Thanks for the info.

I am aware of this and I have read through that already, however it’s still unclear whether or not if purchasing an update for a product qualifies for the grace period eligibility.

I hope someone can clarify this for me.

I assume it does, that’s how i updated from Wavelab Pro 10 to 12, I purchased Wavelab Pro 11 update during a sale and waited till version 12 was announced to activate,

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If license is activated, then the grace period is gone, at least with cubase. There have been several people skipping major updates for what ever reason