Grace period update Cubase Elements 8

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I have Cubase Elements 7, purchased 05.03.2015.
Am I getting Cubase Elements 8 for free or do i have to pay upgrade price from 7 to 8 version ?
When i’m copying number from soft eLicenser into Grace period window, i just get message that i don’t have any upgrades under Grade period.

Activation status:Product activated on 05/03/2015 19:14



as posted here: Steinberg Forums Cubase Elements 7 licenses activated after the 15th of Jan 2015 are eligible for a free update to version 8.

However, if you moved the license to a USB-eLicenser the Grace Period won’t show up. In that case you need to contact your local support team via MySteinberg.

Reactivated licenses are not eligible.

For any issue different to what I posted, please let us know here.

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I have CB Elements 7 and my Product was activated on 14/02/2015 10:28. I made a re-activation one week later after windows reinstall. Is Re-Activation the reason that my license did not switch to elements 8 until now? I lost the free update because of reactivation?

it looks like , yes.
i also don’t understand quite well.
i didn’t know that i have already reactivated Cubase Elements 7, i guess cause i used 2 different elicensers activation.
i did by mistake or didn’t understand at first time how to activate, so i tried second time and i succeeded, but now i can’t upgrade (for free) to Elements 8.
the reason was also that on my second computer i use USB licenser and there you can’t go wrong, so i worked first time on this computer with soft licenser and i made mistake first time, that’s why my version is also reactivated.


yes, reactivation is the reason why the Grace Period is not working for you.

I’ll contact you.

It all boils down to when you did activate your license in the first place. To make it clear, if you activated the license in 2014 for the first time and then reactivated it during the Grace Period, you are not eligible. On the other hand, if you activated the license for the first time during the Grace Period, then you are eligible.

Order date was : 20/02/2015

No problem at all. So far i’m satisfied with version 7.


schmety, you’ve got PM!

Fabio Bartolini, thank you for your help.

Thank you very much Fabio for your help and sorting this out !

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Fabio, I had to reactivate my Cubase 7 recently (windows reinstalation) and my license number is not elegible for grace period update. I’ve first bought and activated this license on 14/03/2015. I’m using this channel because “My Requests” link is not working properly. Could you help me?

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sorry, but this is expected. Grace Period only applies to the activation of a new license.
A reactivation is by all means transferring an already activated license to a new install/machine, so Grace Period does not apply here.

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