Grace Period Update to Cubase 12

Is there a risk of not being able to use my C11 Pro tonight if the grace period update to C12 doesn’t go smoothly?

Best to wait till tomorrow when the initial rush dies down.

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I started checking mine around 7:45am (PST) and ran into the connection issues. Right before I had to login to my work computer at 9, ran the elicenser again and it still couldnt connect but it updated my license to ‘Pending Transfer’. After that ran the Activation Manager, found my Grace Period Upgrade and ran just fine. I had to keep switching back and forth from my Mac to my work PC but about 15-20 minutes ago just finished everything up and Cubase 12 Pro is now ready to go when Im off work tonight.

Only hiccup I have is C12 doesn’t show up in the Download Assistant under ‘My Products’ yet. My Wavelab 11 Elements did the same thing though and only started showing up there about 2-3 months ago so hopefully it’ll update and move too.

No Licenses Found :frowning:

“no connection to the server”
and my eLicenser Control Server lost (?!?) my cubase pro 11 license seems to be lost, after I ran the “Maintenance” (it doesnt’t appear anymore) :dizzy_face:
what the…
Jep, I can’t even start my cubase Pro 11 anymore. I really need my cubase. So please fix that asap. What happened?! How do I get my license back?

Ok, my cubase license is back again

hey matthias/other support members

thanks for keeping everyone updated on solving this. i was finally able to make it through all 6 steps in elicenser after clicking “maintenance”, and it’s showing that i am grace period eligible. i’m confused what to do next though – i’ve downloaded cubase 12 pro via the download assistant, but when i go to open it it’s saying that there’s “no license found” in my account. i haven’t received a cubase 12 download or activation code in my email, and i’ve signed into my account on the web and it’s saying i don’t have any licenses for the steinberg licensing products. what are the steps i need to take to get cubase 12 up and running now? thanks!

Please take a look at the steps described here:

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Hello, does cubase12 need a dongle to activate? Because I bought a cubase11pro before, I just registered on my account on Steinberg’s official website, but I didn’t activate it. How can I upgrade to cubase12?


Hey there, I’ve managed to go through all 6 of the Maintenance steps in the eLCC. I can now see “Cubase Artist 11 (Grace Period Eligible)” as part of my USB eLicenser, however I don’t know what the next step should be. I checked this link: But it’s really not explaining how to initiate the actual upgrade from 11 to 12.
“If you are eligible, the eLicenser Control Center can upgrade the license in question - just follow the on-screen dialogues.” But no on-screen dialogues have appeared.
What do?
Thanks in advance.


great, thanks ben. i’ve got it up and running now – didn’t realize that i needed to click the “steinberg licensing” link to get the rest of the info as the “elicenser” link seemed like a complete set of directions, and i was working with an elicenser. it’s unclear it’s necessary to click through both links - might be helpful to consolidate those links to alleviate confusion for others in the future. appreciate you pointing me back to that page!

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this is not working!! I did everything, up to “check for grace period” in activation manager, immediately checking grace period it says “ERROR” and now steinberg activataion manager won’t even load!!!

running maintenace tasks DOES NOT tell me i am eligible in new elicenser control center! all tasks succeed, but my license is NOT elgibele???


It is my activation date, that is WELL within the grace period!@@@!!

Thanks for the help here my friend. There is no way I would have been able to figure that on out myself.

I am trying to figure this one out as well. I managed to update one Pro license and one Elements license. When I tried to update my second Pro license (all on individual USB-eLicensers and only one plugged in at a time) I get the message that an email will be sent with the DAC, but no email exists. What is going on here? Can we not have more than one license for the same product? What if I want to sell one of those licenses or upgrade one to Nuendo? I’m completely baffled and seriously not happy right now with the way this has been implemented.

We can’t be only allowed one grace period update even though we have more than one license, can we? I updated one Pro license on November 11. That one is all good, it seems. I just purchased another Pro 10.5->11 update a few days ago because I wanted to “lock in” the 11 license on that dongle, too. Now when trying to get the grace period DAC it is nowhere to be found … although I got the message to check my email! The same process just worked for my other license. Hmmmm …

I’d like to know that as well. I’m sure there would be quite a few people in that situation after Steinberg announced they were no longer going to require the dongle.

How do people who paid for an upgrade to Cubase 11 Pro without the dongle perform the grace period upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro?

exactly the same here. one worked, the other didnt…

If I remember the discussion on the Dorico forum correctly, Steinberg Licensing does not currently support multiple licences of a product in the same My Steinberg account. Most people will not need multiple licences for the same product, as three activations for a product is sufficient.

A solution is being worked on for those who need multiple licences of a product - as with offline activation, keep watching for an announcement.


Thanks for the info, @David_W. Maybe I will create another account and “sell” one of my USB-eLicensers to myself.

The Steinberg Activation Manager uses function from eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) to check for grace period eligibility. What happens if you open eLCC and run the Maintenance tasks? Our servers are still very busy at the moment, so it’s likely that you’ll need to retry later if the maintenance tasks aren’t successful.

Sorry for the bother!