Grace Period / Update to Cubase 13 for me!

So, it was said in a threat that, if I own an unactivated Cubase 12 license, it will automatically become a Cubase 13 license once Cubase is released.
Just as by today Cubase 13 is released I used my (never before used) Download Access Code via the Steinberg Download Assistant and went through the license upgrade process. It went through and now it shows me that I own Cubase 12 Pro. Nice! So what’s that? And why was it announced differently? Who can help? Is this right or wrong?

Alright, alright! Me be fool! :wink:
Found it under MySteinberg Account > Vouchers :stuck_out_tongue: after I read tfm :wink:
Thanks Steinberg for being graceful (also for ignoring my “rant”)

Also, servers tend to saturate on product launches. I too have the voucher thing but my Cubase 12 is stuck on Verification pending and all the errors that follow.
Gotta try again tomorrow early morning.

No such issues here (Germany) but having other issues already with the application. That’s not a good start and I shut down my DAW PC for now. Feels not as a good launch (again) after such long period of waiting for it to come