Grace period update to Cubase 6.5

Hi there
I purchased Cubase 6.04 last week and registered it on Feb 29th and then updated it to 6.05. Today i followed instructions for the grace period update to 6.5. The elicencer has updated fine to 6.5 but I am not getting the prompt for the elicenser code to take me to the 6.5 update site, This is partly because I went as far as updating the licence this morning and then had to terminate the process to go to work. Now when I put in my 6.05 activation code nothing happens re moving to the 6.5 update.

I could really do with another link to the ftp site or something for the 6.5 update.
Help much appreciated on this
Simon Rodwell

Under support:

“Grace Period”

Enter e-licenser number.

At the moment in my copy there is no option under the support menu in the elicenser for the grace period - but the licence itself has clearly upgraded to 6.5. I put the 6.04 activation code in and nothing happens.

When I tried it yesterday morning I did get the prompt for the elicenser number but I had to finish before downloading because of needing to get to work. Now I can’t get the process to continue

Any help on this would be great. I guess I could delete the elicenser and start all over again with my Cubase 6 disc

Try that - enter your elicencer number (the full number (mine was in two sets of digits) - but WITHOUT the dash in the middle)… When you click Copy eLicencer Serial Number from the elicencer menu (I forget which one it is exactly) - it copies the whole thing. When I pasted that into the grace period page (above) it didn’t work.

I copied mine from somewhere in mysteinberg and it didn’t have the dash. That worked…

Give it a try?

Hey, Simon1956
I have the same problem exactly. Right down to showing my elicense as 6.5 And I came to the same place the same way, I ran through the process until I ran out of time at the point of downloading the update.
Going back through the instructions originally sent in email-
I get to the point of-
“Once your eligibility is confirmed, a download link will be displayed.”
That’s it. No way to get the download link.
Anybody know how best to proceed?


Please contact our support department to solve this problem. Please send an email to info (at) steinberg (dot) de



Hey Simon1956,
Did you try Chris’s suggestion to write to info (at) steinberg (dot) de ?
I have written a couple times and have received no reply and it’s been a couple weeks. Were you able to solve this link/update problem some other way?

Same problem here…I tried to upgrade my Cubase Artist 6 to 6.5 on the grace period link thru Cubase Artist 6.5.exe
Its not working either… received a 404error due to bad url instead.