grace period upgrade from c5 to c6

I just finished installing the upgrade from 5 to 6, i thought the upgrade would have installed over 5 and turned it into 6. i have never upgraded software before. so can i uninstall cubase 5 now from my system? how can i successfully uninstall 5? just remove steinberg cubase 5 from the uninstall menu and leave the other steinberg programs in there as they are being used by 6?

Do be certain that you really do want/need to uninstall C5. You can have several different Cubase versions installed.

One advantage of keeping an older version is in case the newer version has either bugs or changes in functionality that cause difficulties when you want to work further on cpr files created in an earlier version.

yeah i have thought of that, i use acronis drive image and have an image of my pc with v5 installed and then one with v5 and v6 together installed/ now i just to do one with just v6.