Grace Period Upgrade to Artist 7.5

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum and have been using Artist 7 for a few weeks. I’ ve now got the chance for a free grace period update to 7.5. - great. I put in my eLicenser number, click on the link for the Win7 download (6.3Gb, ouch!) and wait. I’ve got a good connection (20Mb/s) so it should be about an hour to download the executable. Problem is, it fails after a few minutes at random points. I’ve tried 6 times with no luck. I haven’t had any recent problems with downloads in general from other sites. Anyone else had the same? Thank you. Barabob

Hi Barabob,

have you tried with a different Internet browser?


Hi Luis,

Many thanks for your response. I have tried Chrome and IE. Any ideas? I’ve got a hardwired connection to my PC from my router so it’s not interference over wifi. The biggest download I’ve managed before it failed was 1.6Gb. Thank you. Barabob

Hi Barabob,

and you are downloading the installer from the Grace Period page, aren’t you? Could you please try the ones from the download page?



I’m downloading from this page: - the page where you enter your eLicense number. Are you sure you want me to try to use the links on the page you have pointed me towards as I note that these are for Cubase (not Artist), and one is an update and one the complete application. I don’t want to damage (if that’s the best term) my current installation of Artist 7.0. Also, once downloaded, would the installation even be successful as I have Artist - or are the downloads for 7.5 and Artist 7.5 basically the same - it’s the license that switches on/off functionality. Thank you. Barabob

Oops, my bad!

Here is the link to the Cubase Artist 7.5 download site:


Thanks Luis, glad I questioned it! Just downloading the update now. Should have a good chance that this will work as it’s 848Mb and not 6.3Gb. I guess the link on the grace period page was the complete application, not just an update. I’ll give you an update once I try it. Thanks for your help. Barabob

Downloaded, installed and running. Don’t know why the 6.3Gb download kept failing but it’s academic now! Many thanks for your help. Regards, Barabob.