Grace period with Absolute

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to download the Halion Sonic 2 (grace period from vst Absolute, purchase date June 3) but I can not get the download link. I did what I was supposed to had to do, start the eLicenser and run maintenance. It has changed my license DL to DL+ but I have not gone the window where to place the serial number USBLicenser.
I have gone to the website of the grace period, I entered the serial number and tells me USBLicenser is NOT in grace period. :open_mouth: :confused:
I do not understand anything I’m doing wrong?

I am experiencing this same confusion.

I bought and activated the Absolute VST Collection on 4 July. In fact, my license ALREADY says “Absolute VSTi Collection DL +”. That is why I think the “Grace Period” checker says we are not eligible… Because we already have the license. So, I submitted a support ticket to get a download link.
This is the response I received.
“A Grace Period offer is not available for the Absolute VSTi Collection. You can purchase the Absolute VSTi Collection to HALion Sonic 2 upgrade for $99.99 from our online shop…”

I was really hoping to try it out tonight. I sent a reply to support. Maybe tomorrow…

EDIT: Here is another reference to the Grace Period update…

With the release of the HALion Sonic 2, the Absolute VST Instrument Collection gets an extra “+” in the form of a free update to HALion Sonic 2. All customers who have purchased Absolute after May 15, 2013, are eligible for a free Grace Period Update to HALion Sonic 2.

From here…

aish! :frowning: I also pretended to play a little tonight, but … I’m waiting for the morning … I hope! :mrgreen:

Thank you so much for answering mate! :wink:
We have much luck tomorrow and sort this out!

Hi there,

The grace period for Absolute customers is now working probably. Please try again to enter your eLc number and you will receive the HALion Sonic 2 update installer.

oooooohhhh yes!!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
many many thanks Matthias!! :wink:
I’ll try again and I commented! Impatient to try this V2 :smiley:

Yeesss!!! Working!!! :smiley:

Working here also… Thank you, Matthias.

For anyone having trouble, if you ALREADY have the “+” on your license for Absolute VSTi Collection, step one in the Grace Period instructions is unnecessary. Performing the Maintenance will not trigger the Grace Period website pop-up. Just go here…

I too have a + sign on my license for the Absolute VST Collection but when I click on the Update to Sonic 2 Link (Mac) from the Grace Period page, I get a 404 Error page. please help! :confused:

Did you try the link and instructions in my post immediately above yours?

Yes, that was the first thing I tried. Also tried updating ‘Maintenance’ several times, and using the link you provided a couple of hours later with no result. The error 404 page keeps coming up.

Hi Voxdox,

We have checked your account and every seems to work fine.

Please enter your eLc number on this page and you will get the download links (we have just tried it ourself with your eLc number):

Hi Matthias

Thank you for your reply. After keying in my eLc number, i get the page with the links to download either the Windows or Mac Sonic 2 update. But when I click on either of the links, I get this page with this address:

So the download doesn’t start up. I’m running a Mac with OS X Version 10.8.4 Intel Core i5 with 16GB memory.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Voxdox,

We can’t find any error with links with your account and eLc. It’s working fine when we try it here.

Please send a support request via MySteinberg to our support team and they will provide you with download links from the support ftp server.

Thank you.