Grace period?

Bought Cubase 9.5 two weeks ago, anyone got a clue if the grace period will work? Would really hate to pay another 100$

I found out Cubase 10 was released because I went to the store to buy the 9.5 upgrade and was redirected :frowning:

Grace Period Update
Customers who have activated an earlier Cubase version since October 15, 2018, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Cubase 10

Pardon my ignorance, How is this done?

So very happy to say my 9.5 upgraded to Cubase 10 on activation. But where do you download it? My Steinberg account shows Cubase 10 now attached to my elicenser, but it’s not showing in my downloads.


Check this link :slight_smile:

Thank you

says on site up to 6 weeks for free upgrade and i bought 9.5 pro on 11/10/2018 and i cant get the update free this is a not fair at all, and its only been 35 day so that 5 out of the 6 weeks

1 month grace period, wow, that is quite terrible.
I would think at least 2 or 3 months is quite fair, no?

Hey, guys.

This was my experience today, which was a positive one:

It’s always been a month with Cubase. 3 months would be a quarter of the lifetime of the product.


You can download Cubase 10 in the Steinberg Download Assistant:

Cubase 7.5 is installed in my PC
My Steinberg - My Products shows only Cubase 7.5

I bought the upgrade to Cubase Version 9.5 in July 2018
I have the receipt for Cubase Pro 9.5 Update Activation code.

I inserted the USB eLicenser number here:
and got this message:
“Currently there is no grace period update available for the eLicenser with the number 11115297D9J8E.” (NOT THE REAL NUMBER)

I do not plan to download and install Cubase 9.5 or 10 right away
What do I do to get Cubase Pro 10 for free?
Is there a deadline?
Sorry I am just a bit confused on what to do.

Activate the 9.5 license.

Mission accomplished!

Thanks to all.

Can anyone tell me how to activate 9.5 without installing it?

Everything I’ve read on Steinberg indicates you have to install to activate. I’m currently using Pro 9. I upgraded to 9.5 but did not install or activate.

Thanks in advance


Start your eLicenser Control Center on your Computer, add your 9.5 activation code and sync.
Cubase 9.5 installation is not required.

I’m 3 days late for the grace period (activated 9.5 on 12th of Oct.), purchased every major upgrade since Cubase 4, would appreciate some loyalty reward…

sorry but you wont get it, i activated my copy on the 11th of oct and they have refused me, i have contacted support and they have outright refused to help