Grace period?

Obviously, they have to objectively pick a date and stick with it… What a mess it would be if they start sliding the date to accommodate a customer (opening a whole new group who missed the new date by one or two days). Or even messier if they start granting exceptions to individuals who are outside of the date.

Seems a hard to grasp concept for some…

but you must agree with us it was an unlucky time to activate the product

absolutely zero need to take that tone

I agree it was an unlucky time…

Wouldn’t take much research to see that a new release was due…

I bought and registered a pro 9.5 update. Wondering if I activate it now, am I

  1. activating pro 10 or
  2. registering pro 10, and activating pro 9.5?

Thanks a lot.

As you always register the USB-eLicenser containing licenses, it will be a Cubase Pro 10. Activating a Cubase Pro 9.5 license (full or update) now, will always provide a Cubase Pro 10 license instead.

I feel sympathy for the people who just missed the grace period but Steinberg releases a new cubase same time every year.

There’s no way I’d buy a new version of cubase in October because I’d be worried I was outside the grace period.