Grace Period

Hi, some of us are debating buying Spectral Layers 6. Does the standard Cubsae grace policy apply to all products including Spectral Layers? If we buy version 6, do we get upgraded in version 7 is released within 6 weeks?

Very good question.
I suppose someone has the answer!
Try contact the powers that be at Steinberg?

The Steinberg summer sale will start in July?
and possible the release of Spectralayers 7?
Then they may clarify this issue?

The way it might work I believe is you get SpectraLayers 6 but do not download nor activate it.
When 7 is released then activate V6 and get V7 for free.

I could not find any great deals for SpectraLayers 6 to use the “grace period” if it was available in the first place.