Grace period

Hello all. I have a question : I bought 10.5 upgrade with the 40% discount but I did not install or activate it. If I activate it AFTER 11 is released, will I benefit the grace period ?


That is nice, thank you.

this thread goes into further detail

So in that case that isn’t even a grace period, just a licence that I can use whenever I want. For example, if I don’t like what 11 proposes, I can wait for the next release (11.5, 12…) and my license will still work. Thank you for the link, it’s very interesting.

In theory yes, but nothing is guaranteed. Steinberg could change this policy at any time they wanted to.

This is not to say I have any indication that they will and all recent comments (from Steinberg) seem to suggest they’re not planning doing so.

any idea how much the 11 will cost for those who very recently went to 10.5 pro? i did 10.5 pro about 2-3 weeks ago,.

I think I seen a discount of 40% this days… so check for it on the page

The same as for everyone else. How much that is? Steinberg will tell you on release of 11.

9.5 to 10 was £85, so probably £90ish…

Wow ok cuz i just did $119 from 9.5 to 10.5 so another 100USD to go from 10,5 to 11. when will the madness end =)

Whenever you decide to stop paying full price for updates. The best thing to do, if you are not an “I need the latest version as soon as it is released” kind of person is to wait for discount price promotions and not activate until you are within the grace period for the next version.