Gracenote submission within Wavelab 9

Has it been considered to add Gracenote database submission from the Wavelab montage in Wavelab 9?

I know that HOFA has looked into it for their DDP Player, so clients and users can submit audio CD info directly from software rather than needing a physical CD and iTunes. HOFA says that it’s expensive to license the Gracenote software and make it a part of their DDP Player, but maybe Steinberg has more resources to make this possible.

Either way, it would be very nice to submit a montage or DDP info direct to Gracenote database so clients do not always email asking why their CD is not recognized by iTunes.

If Steinberg does give this consideration - it should be a “user pay” type addon - where you would buy the license addon for your copy of WL and the bill your customers accordingly.

I would hate to see the base cost of Wavelab increase by adding this license to everyone’s tab. (upgrade or new user).


According to HOFA, Gracenote responded saying they were looking at ways to make the license more affordable for smaller companies.


This would be awesome. ESPECIALLY AWESOME if we can edit/remove mis-entries. :wink:


I see no problem with it being a paid add on, I would likely pay for it. I could also see this feature attracting some new users, even if it’s just for Gracenote submission and other small tasks.

I don’t know of any other mastering software that offers Gracenote interaction but it’s clearly an important thing in today’s digital world.

I don’t have the time or interest in wasting a CD-R to submit this info for all my clients but if it were as easy a few clicks I would be happy to do it and clients would also appreciate it.