gradual crescendo for all voices

Hey there,
sometimes my conductor score gets very busy. I wanted to ask if it is possible to write a gradual crescendo just above the uppermost voice in the conductor track and it will be applied (in playback as well as in the single part scores) to all voices?
I’m quite sure that it is possible, but I can’t find it.


No, there’s no native way to hide a dynamic marking.

You could set the lower hairpins to dotted, set dot diameter to 1/8, and Gap between dots to a very high number. Only has to be set once, and then changing any hairpin to a dotted nearly hides it. And it won’t display it that way in the individual part.

good workaround but: if I want a dotted hairpin for really all voices which means also in my conductor score for the uppermost voice, I’m doomed if I set the diameter to 1/8…
In Sibelius it is possible to just use 1 dotted crescendo for all voices…