Gradual DIstortion on Playback

Hello there.

So with very few tracks playing - in fact, with just one playing - everything is good for maybe thirty seconds to a minute, and then the playback starts to distort, little by little, until it’s just grey noise.

As you can see in the linked video, the Audio Performance Monitor shows no problems, and neither is there any serious consumption of CPU or memory on my PC. The audio device I’m using is an Alesis IO2 Express, and the driver is ASIO4ALL (latest version).

In fact in the video, I’m not even playing back the multitrack. I’m just keying an audio loop. At the point the video starts, the loop has been playing for about thirty seconds.

Any ideas? Thank you for your attention…

Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.

Hi there.

I doubled it to 1024, but the problem is still there.



Do you use any plug-in in DEMO/Trial mode by any chance?

Ah, interesting question. I’ll check that out and get back to you.

Thank you for maintaining an interest in this. It’s driving me mad.

could be a sync issue with your AD/DA, what is the sync source?

LoveGames…I’m afraid I’m such a noob that I don’t understand the question. Can you rephrase it, as if speaking to an interested idiot?


Trying to answer your question, I discovered that I could start Cubase without third party plugins. I guess that means that if I did have any unlicensed stuff in there - which I may, though I dont know how to identify it - then they wouldnt be loaded.

But the problem persists.

Please keep the suggestions coming. I’m very grateful.

your AD/DA can be the master clock, or it can be based on the computer, or other sources. Read your units manual. It sounds like a clock sync issue to me

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…I understood just about enough of this to try enabling the Use External Clock in the driver control panel. And that seems to have worked - so thank you very, very much.

Right - on to the next conundrum.

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