Gradual dynamic hairpin after note beginning


There something that I use a lot, and it is a crescendo or diminuendo hairpin starting about half of the note, and going to the end.

As far as I could see, this is not immediately possible with Dorico. I see I can change the length of an hairpin in Write mode, but not move its beginning after the beginning of the note.

The only trick I could discover is to enter, for example, two half notes, add the hairpin to the second note.

Then I select the first half note and change its duration to a whole. This way, I get a whole note with a hairpin beginning at its half.

Am I missing something, to do it without any workaround?


Enter the hairpin from the caret.

  1. Invoke the caret.
  2. Get it to where you want the hairpin to start.
  3. Type < or >
  4. Type Space and keep typing Space until the hairpin is the length you want.

Do not question the fact that after step 3 you can’t see the hairpin. It doesn’t matter. Go to step 4!

Pianoleo, thank you very much! I had gone through step 3, but not seeing anything I stopped at that point. Very nice and intuitive, apart for having to work in the dark!