Gradual Dynamic Input question

I have a question regarding entering gradual dynamics.

I know that I can select a note and enable note input, and then enter a gradual dynamic. Because the note is still selected after note input is enabled, if I apply a hairpin, it extends the hairpin only until the end of the note. In many cases I don’t want this and I want to be able to press space etc after entering the hairpin in the popover.

It seems as though I have to find some other object to select before note input is enabled so that, one, I can start note input at a particular place and, two, not have a note selected.

Is there a way to “unselect” a note after note input is enabled? Or, is there an optimal method for beginning note input at a specific location?

You can unselect a note by typing Ctrl/Cmd-D. From the caret you can input a hairpin (either with or without the dynamics popover), and extend either using Space or by advancing the caret with the arrow keys to the desired end point and type Shift-/ (?) l, or if you want an f or a p or whatever you can type Shift-D at the desired end point, type your dynamic and then Enter.

Thanks for the info, Leo. I think I was using the wrong method and sometimes pressing Shift-D directly after selecting a note, rather than enabling note input first (which I would have done when in the middle of entering a passage). Somewhere along the way I’ve got confused with the correct order of steps.