Gradual dynamic settings

Generally, I want to use hairpins for gradual dynamics, so that’s my default, but inevitably, I also need cresc… … … … … …

However, the default for cresc. is without the dotted line, so I have to go to the Properties panel every time. Is there a way to configure ‘dotted cresc.’ as my default for cresc, while still keeping hairpins as the overall default…?

(Note to self - Read the question!)
I think the answer is no. But I use alt-click a lot when adding dynamics (I tend to do them all in one pass) so I only have to change the properties once.

I recorded a macro of changing a hairpin to cresc. with dotted line. It records 2 steps, but you can delete the first one and it still works. (I’ve been using a macro that changes a hairpin to cresc. without line for some weeks now.)

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