Gradual dynamics and other lines revert to preset


Yesterday I spent some time tweaking the dynamics and markings in a piano trio I’m writing and I changed a number of gradual dynamics from showing as hairpins to showing as cresc. or dim.. But when I closed the score and came back to work on it later, the setting changed back to preset and once more the hairpins showed. I changed them once more, closed the software and when I opened the score again this morning, same thing: they’re all back to hairpins.

I can’t seem to understand why this is happening. I’d appreciate some help.


P.S. If, even though I searched, seem to have missed a post dealing with this issue already, please let me know where to find it and disregard the rest of the message.

Dear Rodrigo,
Can you tell us which version of Dorico you are using ? I do not experience this kind of problem, at least not since Dorico 1.1 or something…

Hi Marc,

I’m using Dorico Pro 2 (v. on a Macbook Pro running the latest MacOS.

This also happens with trill lines, by the way…

Ok, you have the same setup I have… but I do not experience that issue! As you can imagine, this is not the intended behavior. I’m afraid I cannot help you further here, you’ll probably have to check with Daniel or someone from the dev. team. In the meantime, if you can create a “minimum example file” that exhibit this dynamics problem and post it here (you’ll have to zip it in order to upload it on the forum), we users could try on our setups to check if the problem occurs on other machines or if it is just on yours :wink:

I wonder whether maybe the issue could be that you edited the appearance of hairpins and trills in one layout, and are now looking at another? Changes you make in Engrave mode or via Properties only affect the layout you’re looking at.

I think it might just be the layouts because I wasn’t aware that changes to layouts were specific to them, but it does makes sense. I will definitely check if this is the case and will let you know what results I get.

Thanks to both of you!