Gradual dynamics not implemented in playback


I’m assuming crescendos and diminuendos should be heard on playback? The immediate dynamics are (most of the time) taking effect but I haven’t been able to get a single crescendo…

I’m using the default HALion Sonic SE VST that loads up with the templates. Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

What instrument(s) are you writing for? In general they do play back, but it depends on the sounds you’re using and which VST expression maps are chosen.

I’ve tried it on all strings that are loaded with any of the templates. So its the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST sound instrument set. Do I have to manually chose a different expression map? Or should they already be correctly assigned by default? Thanks!

The VST expression maps should be assigned automatically. Click the little cog icon next to the HALion Sonic SE 2 entry in the VST Instruments rack in Play mode and check that the expression maps look to be sensibly chosen.

Perhaps you could attach a simple project that demonstrates the problem here? Zip it up first before you try to attach it.

Yep, the expressions maps seem to be in order… here is a project file. Thanks (1.97 MB)

The gradual dynamics are being played back in this score, however the default effect is a little subtle with some of the string patches. You can see the variation by showing the HALion window and eg click on ‘4 Violincelli A Combi’ in HALion and watch the mod wheel.

The problem here is that it’s hard to find a good mapping between score dynamics and MIDI controllers that works well for all cases. Some scores may just use p and f, others might use ppppp to fffffff. You can customise this in Playback Options/Dynamics/Dynamic Curve. Try changing the value to 3 which gives a more extreme variation for smaller dynamic steps (at the cost of there not being much variation between fff and ffff and ppp/pppp).

Additionally, HALion (and probably most other sample libraries) lets you customise the dynamic curve per-patch. Click the Options button in the HALion Edit view (not the options button on the toolbar) and you can select a custom curve.

I changed the settings as you recommended and it has made the dynamics noticeable. Thanks for your help.

Gradual dynamics do not work properly, even with the Halion Instruments, that is what I experienced. I tried it with Halion Instruments and Kontakt Instruments that should respond to CC1 and it did not work (see attached file). I also tried different values for the Dynamic Curve. :frowning:
Gradual (1.98 MB)
In Expression maps maybe it would be a great feature to have more than one option for dynamic. Some instruments respond to a combination of Velocity and CC1 or CC1 and CC11. Would be great to consider this possibility.

They work OK in your file for me: open up the HALion Sonic SE 2 window and you’ll see the modulation wheel track the dynamic up and down. If you want the dynamics to be exaggerated more, try setting the curve power to 4.0.

Yes, You are right, now it works - but: the problem was that it only works when You restart the project. Try to open up a new Project p.e. String Orchestra and write a test line like I did. You will see, there is no movement of the Halion CC1 wheel. Save it and open it again and it will work fine.

Ah, yes, unfortunately there is a problem whereby adding dynamics is not always immediately reflected in playback. Some operations will cause the playback to wake up and recognise them short of reopening the project, but I’m not sure exactly what they are. We plan to fix this as soon as we can.

Thank You!

What I realised is, as Daniel said, that gradual dynamics don’t seem to update automatically. When I type a crescendo and add a ff at it’s end, the crescendo won’t play back. If I delete the crescendo a place it again now, it won’t change either. But when I delete the ff, add the crescendo and then the ff again, it will work! Maybe that’s gonna help.

What I also realised is, that when a crescendo starts or ends on a time/note, on which I already placed a dynamic, the crescendo just won’t work. Starting the crescendo a bit later will do it.

But I agree, that some times dynamics won’t play at all, until you restart Dorico. I am still trying to figure out, when this happens.

MusiChronos, please see this thread.

hello everyone,

I am using note performer to do playback. I offen notice there’s some mistakes on playback if I use Dorico under 3,5 under MacOs, but under the Windows System, I could open the same File and the playback of dynamics were all right. What should I do.


Can you please prepare a simple example project in which you don’t get the expected dynamics, and attach it here along with details of where you experience the problem?

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sorry for late replay. I just wrote simple a long note with cresc. began with a niente. by tempo q=34 playback, it turns suddenly to wrong dynamic (very loud). I can only delete all the dynamic and trying to shorten the note duration, and I also press the on/off button on the top right. Then now it seems like works.

I’m struggling a little to follow your report, Oliver. If you can attach a project that demonstrates the problem you’re having, we should be able to help.

here, the second bar with clarinet, it was not work after 4-5 count times.

A project will be far more useful than an image here.