Gradual dynamics properties after system break

Hi, I would like to share a bug with the properties of gradual dynamics after a system break (some of them are lost). Probably it’s a known bug, but just in case.

I’m pretty sure it’s intentional - it gives you the possibility of setting different properties either side of the system break…

Maybe, but I would prefer to change the properties from the previous ones… I think it’s more logical to keep the defined properties after the system change than to reset them… In my example, thickness is kept, but the open distance is changed. I use hairpins to get lines and arrows and this makes it more difficult…

This is the designed behaviour, and we have no current plans for changes in this area.

Thank you Daniel, I hope that when lines will be implemented I won’t need this any more. Related to this, I would like to suggest a better control of fanned beams at a system change. At the moment they begin from zero aperture (as we have discussed before), and it would be nice to allow to change this aperture as an option. I don’t know if some other needs this, though, I have very strange needs :slight_smile:

Xavier, your “needs” seem to be related to using a hairpin for some sort of workaround; presumably something that won’t be necessary when proper lines are supported. Maybe wait for proper lines to appear before grumbling about hairpins :wink:

Pianoleo, you are right, but I have to write my score right now, I can’t wait for an update… :frowning: