Gradual dynamics truncated by immediate dynamics

I encounter the situation that a gradual dynamic is truncated by an immediate dynamic. Like described here:

However. I would like Dorico to NOT do that. So, that there can be a mf cresc. …f…ff
A crescendo with dotted line style from mf to ff. And in the middle there is the “f” as an indication, that within the gradual change of dynamic at this certain point, it should be f.

I hope I didn’t miss a very obvious solution, couldn’t find anything in the documentary or forum though.

Thanks for your help!

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Your reference is for 2.2, have you had a look at the 4.2 version, which seems to have some extra related links to follow?

See e.g. Dynamic within crescendo - #3 by dspreadbury for his to do this.

thanks pianoleo. This appears to only work with hairpins. I’m looking for a solution that also applies to gradual dynamics in cresc. … -style.