gradual speedup audio

How do you make a gradual speedup of audio material? (only tempo, not pitch). I know I can cut it up and timestretch individual pieces but that seems a drag. I want a whole song to gradually speed up from 120 to 180…is this possible in Cubase, or do I need a special plugin? If so, which one?

You can do it while you are creating the track. Just go to tempo track(I think it’s under edit or preferences) and you can draw points for tempo change. So you can make a gradual change over time or whatever you like.

I think this should work as well with audio tracks as long as they are quantized to the track tempo. They should change as the tempo changes.

It’s much better to do it as your producing because it will sound more natural

Make sure your tracks are in musical mode while doing this and you also need to check in the pool to make sure you are on the right elstique setting

The tempo track editor is accessed by pressing ctl+t or, the project pulldown then choose tempo track. Changes can be drawn directly into the editor. Another very handy thing to do if your dealing with a bunch of tempo changes in a project is to just create a tempo track for the piece in the project window. It’s on the right click menu and is added the same way you would add an audio or midi track. This is a bit more helpful as it’s always there for you to edit when you have your project editor up rather than pulling up an extra screen with the tempo editor.
If your just dealing with midi your golden, but if you have audio tracks included in the project as well, then as d-_-b said, your also going to need to make sure you have the appropriate settings so that your audio will adjust to the set tempo. Hope this helps.