Gradual Tempo Changes -- Placement in score

Hello! I’m writing for a larger ensemble and the the conductor has asked me to place the accel. and rall. indications not only at the top of the score, but also above the string section. Therefore, the gradual tempo changes occur 2x in the score: once at the top (which is default in dorico), but again at about the midpoint of the page. I think this makes a lot of sense as when she’s conducting, she needs to move her eyes around the page. I’ve also seen this in other scores. I scoured the forums but couldn’t find anything on this…I’d appreciate any help on how I can appease this conductor’s wishes!

Layout Options > Staves and Systems > System Objects

Be sure your score layout is selected in the right panel.


Also make sure that the instrument you are placing it above is always visible… I seem to recollect that if it’s hidden (because of automatically hiding empty staves), the System Objects will be hidden as well.

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The String section will still show them even if the Violins aren’t showing, for example.

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For reference, the relevant page from the manual is here:

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Thank you so much!!!

I see now, thank you!

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I see, I see, thanks !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: