Gradual Tempos (line tool) crashes Dorico

Is it just me, or does using the line tool to create gradual tempos in the Play tab easily crash Dorico?

Users have reported a crash, but no one yet has been able to describe steps that would enable me to reproduce it. I’ve been working in this area for the last few weeks and I haven’t experienced this crash at all. There’s a lot of code that’s been rewritten, so it’s quite possible that any latent crashes may disappear in the next version. However if you can write down steps to reproduce the problem then I can verify it’s gone away.

I’ll try to do that, thank you Paul.

Any edits made to the Tempo graph while its playing will crash Dorico (even if just barely stopped)

I’ve just tried this in Dorico 3.0.10 and I cannot make it crash. Can you create a minimal score and describe steps to reproduce the problem?

I tried it, writing tempo lines while playing and while stopped, but no crashes happen.