Gradually increase tempo woes

I am scoring a piece in 6/8 and I want the tempo in the last 16 bars to gradually increase from 120 to 124 bpm. The Tempo is set at 120 (Dotted crochet) at the start of the piece but when I highlight the relevant bars and input a gradual accel. from the tempo panel also marking it in the properties panel, when playback hits the start of the accel. section it slows way down. `can’t figure this out.
Any light on the subject greatly appreciated, thank you.
James Blennerhassett

Check the properties panel, there u find that option… maybe you need to calculate the value. But there I can set the end tempo :slight_smile:

Hasn’t there been some comment that some of these routines incorrectly use the (undotted) quarter as a base value, or am I thinking of something else? At any rate, the Dorico Team is aware of this and we can hope has fixed it in the upcoming release.