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I am a new member, using Sibelius since almost 15 years. Instead of updating to SIb8 (i still have sib6 in german, but enough for my needs) i want to change to Dorico. Working almost some weeks there are some things which i could still not find. Neither in this forum or somewhere else and which are important for me.
1)Is there a function/Window which corresponds to the “Z” Symbols in Sibelius? So all graphical signs. like da capo, dal segno. trills, etc
2) can you change the playbacktempo while its playing similar to Sib. in the “Wiedergabefenster” ?instead of adding everytime a new tempostyle you want it slower or faster…
3) is there an quick way to listen only one or several selceted Players? Like in Sib. you could choose simply by clicking the Systems you wanna hear.
4) How can you change the gap between the systems in the writmode, as when it gets high for on instrument, its getting in the system above.
All in all i like it very much and i hope there is gonna be a german forum soon!
Alls Best Seb

  1. It’s there in the name: Sibelius treated a whole host of different things as a graphical symbol. Now, these are split into different categories that are understood to perform different functions. Trills are now Ornaments — you can find a lot of those in the Ornaments menu in the right side of Write mode.

  2. No, as of now there is no way to manually adjust the playback speed as a percentage of the written tempo.

  3. Only players in the current Layout will sound. What you can do now it create different layouts with different sections that you find yourself needing to isolate, and work in those for the period you need to isolate them. You can also open up the Mixer and solo/mute instruments. The team has stated that they’ll look into this.

  4. You must be in Galley view, which is equivalent to Silbeius’ Panorama. As in Panorama, the distance between staves is static. You can increase it in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Ideal Gaps. However, if you’re in Page View, all distances should update dynamically to the material you input.

Thanks for quick reply
In the ornament section i could not find the symbols for da capo, Jump etc…I dont know all the english words for the one i am looking for and which are not in the ornament section.(except the trills) But i hope they will improove!
All best

There still is no da capo, coda and so on… implemented in Dorico. You can add them as text objects (shift X) or system text objects (alt shift X), choose the right font (like opus special, for instance).
Be patient, Dorico is not a year old, it cannot do what a 20 year old program can :wink:
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Great!! This is what i was looking for. The font… good to know.