grain formant

in the modulation matrix there is a destination called grain formant that isnt mentioned in my manual.
what exactly does it do?

Formant is a control that preserves timbre when pitch shifting, or something like that, which you probably know, but yeah I have just crossed this section of the manual myself… thought I’d quickly find an answer but alas the modulations are described, omitting the description for formant modulation!

I’m guessing this allows you to modulate the range of formant tone shifting

I suppose you could loosely refer to pg. 112, 179, 181.

thanks for your answer. yes i know what formants are. i asked because there are no parameter controlling formants on the grain osc page. the only formant parameter ive seen is in the audio warp but the mod dest im talking about is available even when audio warp is off. in the interface for the Auron you see this grain formant modulation as well so to me it is a “hidden parameter” without clear description of what it exactly does.


Interesting. I probably will not try to get TOO deep with this, things like that drive me crazy.