Grainy audio?

For some reason, my audio sounds really grainy, both when I record my voice and when I use the virtual instruments. I’m using a Lenovo Legion and don’t have any cables, audio interface, etc. Just my computer. Does anyone know how to fix this?

How are you recording your voice?

It is highly recommended to use an audio device with a proper ASIO driver.

How are you listening to the sound?

More details would be extremely helpful.

What are you using for sound from Cubase (and which Cubase version might be a good start for the “more details”), ASIO4ALL?

Hi. Thank you for your reply.
I am using Cubase 12 and FL Studio ASIO. I normally my voice using either my headphone microphone or no microphone, and then listen to it either through the same headphones or through just my computer speaker.
But my voice isn’t the only thing that sounds grainy; the virtual instruments that came with Cubase also sound very grainy whenever I play them.

Oh and im using the Pro version*

What happens if you increase the buffer size?

I’m not familiar with the FL Studio ASIO. Can you try using ASIO4ALL and see if it makes any difference?

ASIO4ALL Official Home - news and updates

I was actually just about to write back that I was able to fix the problem by increasing the buffer size lol. Thank you for your help!
And I’ll check out ASIO4ALL since that seems to be a pretty popular ASIO. It wouldn’t conflict with my FL Studio ASIO if I had both the FL and 4ALL ASIO downloaded/existing in my computer, right?

Great! And you’re welcome :wink: .

I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t think so.

Anyway … I’m happy you were able to at least improve the situation. If at all possible, save your pennies for a proper audio interface.

Have fun! :upside_down_face: