Grand 3 SE and 3 Crashing C8.5 Audio vanishes...

Hello all,

I have to say I have had a sh**e week with The Grand.

I’m running C8.5.15 perfectly fine for a good while. Except for the fact that sometimes a project wouldn’t load with TG3SE in it ‘Loading TG3SE Front’ caused C8.5 to fail… I eventually get sick of this and decide to get rid of TG3SE and get something better. Eventually I decide to try the upgrade to TG3 for £36.

Since then I have had a nightmare. After about 5 days of losing time and no work whatsoever, I have just about got my machine playing project without crashing or freezing.

I had to uninstall TG3SE and TG3 and then remove all instance of it from the project. BUT, my project still plays fine, then the audio cuts out for a few seconds except for some Sonic Piano I have temporarily added, then the vocals stop, bit of guitar comes back in, then it all stops and round and round I go… :frowning:

I imagine this has to be TG related…

Don’t wish to be negative, but I have emailed support etc but as per usual you’ve got more chance of meeting Halle Berry down the pub later than getting a reply from Steinberg. I work in IT and Cubase support response is by far the worst I have known for quite some time. They are only human I know and appreciate that, but any reply is better than none. :wink: