Grand détaché ? (playing Techniques

We have into the (Playing Techniques Panel), under «Strings» -détaché-.

Could we have the options to:
-Add a Prefix and/or a suffix to those techniques.
-And the possibility to «Duplicate» existing Techniques to create and save as our own.

I actually have to indicate «Grand détaché»,
but I can only get «détaché Grand» from the Option panel under -Alternative text- !
This option seem to appear only as a suffix !

For now I do not want to use «Text» tool.

I’m sure that this request is already in your due plans.

Hope to use that as soon as possible.


I love Dorico

We do plan to make it possible to define your own playing techniques in due course, but I’m afraid this will take a while as it requires quite a lot of user interface to be built.

What on earth is a grand détaché? The sister of sorrowful staccato? :slight_smile:

It’s detached, only more so-- that is, bigger gaps between the sounds.

The intersting thing: as a player you will know, how to play, if you read «Grand détaché»
For a musicologist it will be difficult to describe it, though.

Exactly :slight_smile: Sorry about my bad joke, though. It reminded me of a patch name I saw in Garritan PO5 library, which is about the least grand on the planet (to my ears) …

some times…
…Write Music for real player.
You know human BEING ?

Please some times, STOP to think about VST, Patch and so on !

«Grand détaché» is «French school string player technique».
Alternate up / down bow using much more longer bow’s length than just «détaché».

Dorico would give us the possibility to use a alternative «prefix» with playng techniques.


:slight_smile: I only write for human beings myself, and I’m fortunate enough to count many world class string players among my friends. However, using VSTs is one of my most entertaining hobbies. For humans one can thankfully just write the playing instructions using text…


Might be a useful tip !