Grand staff brace not spanning both staves

brace.pdf (161.5 KB)
Just noticed this morning that the brace is not spanning the 2 staves and the handles won’t stretch it out. Any fix for this. Thanks

Are you using a custom font? Your clefs look tiny on the staves. Have you made any other modifications to the sizes of things?

The accidentals are also very small. That would suggest to me that you’ve set Library > Font Styles > Default Music Font to a size smaller than 20pt Staff-relative. It needs to be 20pt Staff-relative or all manner of things will look weird.

I was playing around with trying to get the text size for shift + x indications for tempo things like ‘faster’ ‘slower’ etc but I have to admit I’m not always sure what gets affected by changes, but pianoleo’s suggestion fixed it and thanks for the quick responses.

Shift X creates objects using the Default Paragraph Style. You can select other Paragraph Styles in the floating type menu, of course.

Tempo objects are usually created with Shift T, and use the Immediate Tempo Font Style.

I don’t use shift T because if I have a metronome mark at that position it causes the metronome mark to disappear

Check out the Properties for that metronome mark. You can include a verbal direction in the same object, and show & hide whatever you wish.

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Yes, but I haven’t found a way to stack them i.e. on 2 lines. If your at the end of a system it can run off the edge.

Just put them on slightly different grid positions, and adjust in Engrave mode.