Grand staff dynamic playback

Is there any way to get grand staff dynamics to play back properly - e.g. dynamics below the lower staff apply to that staff only, and the same for dynamics above the top staff. Only centered dynamics should apply to both staffs.

When adding dynamics to a particular voice, close the popover with Alt-Enter. That should make the dynamics staff-specific.

Independent dynamic playback only works if your VST uses MIDI note-on velocity for dynamics. There are some that don’t.

Is there any way to voice-associate the dynamics after the fact?

A stab in the dark: you might try selecting them, then from the context menu, assign to a different voice. I’ve never tried it.

When inputting voice-specific dynamics, you must also have the caret active and the desired voice selected (as indicated by the symbol beside the caret) in addition to pressing Alt-Return to close the popover.

You can’t change the voice of existing dynamics, I’m afraid (the existing commands for changing voice only apply to notes).

I’m curious why the voice-associvity of the dynamic isn’t exposed as a property.

Because it isn’t a property of the dynamic, for one thing.

The Alt-Enter works, Dan!
Thank you!