Grand Staff Lines

Hi, I’ve created a lead sheet, using the LEAD vocal voice. At times in this lead sheet, the instrument needs 2 or 3 staves. When I add (and later remove) these staves, they are not grouped by barlines (across all 2 or 3 staves). How do I do this? In sibelius, it was as easy as clicking the barline and dragging it to down to the other staves.


You could indeed do that from Engrave mode, with a bracket and barline change. I have a feeling that none of the Bracketing settings in Layout Options will help you if you’re using vocal staves, because it’s generally seen as bad practice to have barlines running across vocal staves - they get in the way of lyrics.

That makes sense. This is my first lead sheet in Dorico - followed a video tutorial which suggested using Lead Voice for the instrument…will never do that again :wink: