Grand Staff text

For months I’ve been moving text (mostly, but not all, tempo related) from above to in between a Grand Staff. It occurred to me today that maybe I’m missing a trick and Dorico can handle this automatically. Is that the case or is it a development for the future?

What happens if you attach the text to the bottom staff of the grand staff? Does it automatically attach above? My guess is that if you’re using Shift-T text then probably not, but if Shift-X text then that might save you time.

Thanks. Shift-T does indeed attach above the upper staff.

I hadn’t thought of Shift-X from the bottom staff. That could work well as the text also needs formatting; it’s generally a couple of sizes down and italicised and I can create a new setting for that. Then it’s just a case of creating and hiding the actual timing instruction so that it plays back.

Ah! Easier to fudge it as a dynamic, as long as there’s no metronome mark involved.

See here for an explanation and a gif: Dynamics to multiple staves - #22 by pianoleo - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Again, thanks. That looks great, I’ll certainly try that.